Home Systems Protection


A traditional homeowners policy covers a great deal – but what it leaves out can sometimes cost customers thousands of dollars. For example: What happens if a furnace or central air conditioning unit breaks down? Or a costly appliance? Or TV or computer?

Home Systems Protection has been designed to plug those common insurance gaps with the broadest breakdown coverage available. This insurance allows homeowners to:

  • Protect systems like heating, cooling, water and
  • Cover appliances, equipment and devices for communications, security and

Less expensive than warranties

Home Systems Protection offers whole-house coverage for far less money than alternatives such as home warranty programs, specific equipment warranties or maintenance contracts. It’s also much simpler than trying to maintain a patchwork of expensive and opaque warranties. Unanticipated costs from equipment breakdown can quickly burden a family’s finances.

Home Systems Protection allows families to avoid these potential expenses by bundling protection into the insurance they’re already paying for.

Covers damage you can’t even see

Computers with microscopic circuits control the functions of virtually all home equipment sold today – so trying to obtain warranty coverage can be harder because damage is difficult to see. But with Home Systems Protection, hard-to-detect breakdowns to these microelectronics are paid for thanks to the included Electronic Circuitry Impairment (ECI) coverage, which extends the traditional physical damage “trigger” to include disruptions at the sub-microscopic level.

Free services to maximize savings

Home Systems Protection also gives homeowners access to MyHomeWorks™, a free online energy audit and savings tool that includes other valuable services. Run a home energy score, take a virtual home tour and inventory your personal property – all for free! Also includes access to My Tech Support, which offers free computer diagnostics by phone and competitive rates for virus removal and other technical support.

[message_box title=”Some examples of covered items:” color=”blue”]

  • Boilers and furnaces
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Electrical panels, circuit breakers, wiring
  • Emergency generators
  • Geothermal and solar installations
  • Well pumps
  • Security systems and electronic gates
  • Pool and spa equipment
  • Kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Home theater and audio systems
  • Computers, tablets and smartphones
  • Health monitoring systems
  • Home exercise equipment
  • Shop equipment


Coverage Highlights

Limit: $50,000 any one Home System Breakdown
Home System Breakdown: “Home system breakdown” means an “equipment breakdown” or “electronic circuitry impairment.”
Equipment Breakdown: ‘Equipment breakdown’ means a sudden and accidental:

1.    mechanical breakdown;

2.    electrical breakdown; or

3.    bursting, cracking or splitting of “covered home equipment” that results in direct physical damage and requires repair or replacement of all or part of the damaged “covered home equipment”.

b.    None of the following is an “equipment breakdown”:

1.        rust, corrosion, erosion, deterioration or gradual loss of efficiency or functionality of “covered home equipment”;

2.        leakage or seepage at or from any connection, valve, fitting, shaft or seal;

3.        any programming error, programming limitation, computer virus, malicious code, loss of data, loss of access, loss of use, loss of functionality or other condition within or involving data or media

4.        complete or partial interruption of electrical power, fuel or water supply, whether deliberate or accidental;

5.        any condition which can be corrected by resetting, recalibrating or by the performance of maintenance; or

6.        cosmetic or other damage that does not impair functionality.

Electronic Circuitry Impairment: “Electronic circuitry impairment” means an accidental event involving “electronic circuitry” within “covered home equipment” that causes “covered home equipment” to suddenly lose its ability to function as it had been functioning immediately before such event.
Damage to Covered Home Equipment: We will pay for direct physical damage to “covered home equipment” that is the result of an “home system breakdown” … on or off the “residence premises.” We will consider “electronic circuitry impairment” to be physical damage to “covered home equipment.”
Covered Home Equipment: ‘Covered home equipment’ means property covered under Coverage A – Residence, Coverage B – Related Private Structures or Coverage C – Personal Property

1.    that generates, transmits, or utilizes energy; or

2.    which, during normal usage, operates under vacuum or pressure, other than the weight of its contents.

Expediting Expense, Loss of Use: Included in the Home Systems Protection Limit
Spoilage: $500 Sublimit
Exclusions: Property perils covered in underlying form, including Fire & EC perils
Other Exclusions, Limitations, Details: Please refer to policy form
Deductible: $500