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  1. Notice — In case of a loss, you must:
    1. give us or our agent prompt notice (We may request written notice); and
    2. give notice to the police when the act that causes the loss is a crime.The notice to us must state:a. your name, the policy number and the time, place, and the details of the loss; andb. the names and addresses of all known potential claimants and witnesses.
  2. Cooperation — You must cooperate with us in investigating and settling the claim.
  3. Volunteer Payments — You must not make payments, pay or offer rewards or assume obligations or other costs, except at your own cost. This does not apply to costs that are allowed by this policy.
  4. Other Duties — You must take all reasonable steps to protect covered property at and after an insured loss to avoid further loss. We will pay the reasonable costs incurred by you for necessary repairs or emergency measures performed solely to protect covered property from further damage by a peril insured against if a peril insured against has already caused a loss to covered property. You must keep an accurate record of such costs. However, we will not pay for such repairs or emergency measures performed on property which has not been damaged by a peril insured against. This does not increase our limit. At our request you must:
    1. give us a signed, sworn proof of loss, within 60 days after our request, that shows:1. the time, place, and the details of the loss;
      2. your interest and the interest of all others in the property. This includes all mortgages and liens;
      3. other policies that may cover the loss;
      4. changes in title or use;
      5. available plans and specifications of buildings;
      6. detailed estimates for repair; and
      7. in detail, the quantity, description, cost, amount of loss, and actual cash value of the personal property involved in the loss. You must give us copies of all bills, receipts, and related documents to confirm these;
    2. submit to examination under oath in matters that relate to the loss or claim as often as we reasonably request. If more than one person is examined, we have the right to examine and receive statements separately from each person and not in the presence of the others;
    3. show the damaged property and allow us to take samples of damaged property for inspection, testing, and analysis as often as we reasonably request;
    4. show records, including tax returns and bank records of all canceled checks that relate to the value, loss, and costs, and permit copies to be made of them as often as we reasonably request;
    5. assist us to enforce any right of recovery which you may have against a party causing the loss; and
    6. show records that prove loss of rents and show receipts for additional living costs, and permit copies to be made of them as often as we reasonably request.

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