Farmowners Equipment Breakdown


Life on a farm revolves around equipment that needs to work under difficult conditions. Farms can be hot, wet, dusty and dirty places and those conditions can create breakdown risks. It’s not just natural elements that farmers have to worry about, either. There are electrical current disruptions. There are hazards in moving equipment around and in setting it back up. And more.

The potential for breakdown is everywhere, and the consequences are more significant than ever.

Farmowners depend on their technology to improve yields and efficiency, and generate more income. A breakdown can erase those gains, and repairing or replacing failed equipment can be costly. Farmers work hard and making a living isn’t easy. No farmer should be without protection for his or her equipment.

fieldDesigned for farm-specific risks

Farm Equipment and Machinery Breakdown insurance is a low-cost program designed to protect both farm equipment as well as home systems. It equips the modern farm with innovative protections for today’s fully functioning farm operations. Coverage extends to most stationary mechanical and electrical systems, as well as semi-portable systems such as augurs, generators and pumps.


Other farm-specific breakdown coverages include:

  • Energy production and generation
  • Pivots and irrigation systems
  • GPS
  • Refrigeration and humidity control


Coverage Highlights

Farm Residence Coverage: Home Systems Protection (see HSP Coverage Details)
Farm Operation Limit: Follows property limit, maximum $5 million.
Coverage: Direct physical damage to Covered Property that is the direct result of a farm equipment breakdown. Farm equipment breakdown means a farm accident or electronic circuitry impairment.

Farm accident means a fortuitous event that causes direct physical damage to covered farm equipment. The event must be one of the following:

•  Mechanical breakdown, including rupture or bursting caused by centrifugal force;

•  Artificially generated electrical current, including electric arcing, that disturbs electrical devices, appliances or wires;

•  Explosion of steam boilers, steam pipes, steam engines or steam turbines owned or leased by you, or operated under your control;

•  Loss or damage to steam boilers, steam pipes, steam engines or steam turbines caused by or resulting from any condition or event inside such equipment; or

•  Loss or damage to hot water boilers or other water heating equipment caused by or resulting from any condition or event inside such boilers or equipment.


Electronic circuitry impairment means a fortuitous event involving electronic circuitry within covered farm equipment that causes the covered farm equipment to suddenly lose its ability to function.

Covered Equipment: Covered farm equipment means, unless otherwise specified in a schedule, covered property under coverage e – scheduled farm personal property, coverage f – unscheduled farm personal property or coverage g – barns, outbuildings and other farm structures:

  1. That generates, transmits or utilizes energy; or
  2. Which, during normal usage, operates under vacuum or pressure, other than the weight of its contents.
Disruption of Farming Operations: Follows property limit up to $25,000
Spoilage: $25,000
Other Sublimited Coverages (see form for more details): Data restoration, hazardous substances, expediting expense @$25,000
Service Interruption: Provided @ income loss & expense, spoilage, or EE limit – 24 hour waiting period applies
Irrigation Systems: “Covered farm equipment” includes sensors, controls, and pumps and drive motors and drive engines used with such pumps. As respects pivot irrigation systems, “covered farm equipment” includes the tower control box, the wheels, and the drive mechanisms for the swing arm and corner attachments, including but not limited to motors and gears
Vehicles: Excluded; ‘Vehicle’ definition includes farm implements & farm implement external electronics (however coverage is provided for vehicle-mounted global positioning system – GPS)
Conditions, Exclusions and Limitations: Refer to policy form
Deductible: Follows farm policy deductible, $500 minimum